To improve business-to-business telemarketing sales calls, it is best to view the process from the perspective of the business contact.

Improve Business Telemarketing - 4 Steps

To improve business telemarketing sales calls, it is best to view the process from the perspective of the business contact. Whether the contact is a sales prospect or existing customer, the time spent in the conversation should be a valuable investment by both parties.  Time is a resource that you and the business contact do not wish to waste.

Here a four recommendations that you can use to improve business-to-business telemarketing that will result in higher productivity and sales.

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Improve Business Telemarketing - Listen

Listen | Listen

To improve business telemarketing sales calls starts with the most basic of steps:  get information, establish trust, credibility and some level of personal connection.  Since this process is completely non-visual, it is strictly a matter of verbal communication between you and the business contact.

Your basic rule of guidance should be to talk less and listen more.

Recent research indicates that the most successful telemarketing sales people talk about 43% of the time and listen to the business contact the remainder (57%) of the telephone conversation.  They recognize that the business contact is the most important party in this conversation.

You should make the business contact the focal point by asking questions, listening, and learning to determine what his/her potential business needs are and whether there is a fit for what your business has to offer.  If the business contact feels that your are actively listening, you will establish personal rapport and credibility.

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Improve Business Telemarketing - Ask Directed, Open Questions

Ask Directed | Open Ended Questions

Your telephone conversation with the business contact has an ultimate goal.  This goal might be a new customer, sale, business referral, problem resolution, etc.

The questions that you ask should be the right questions directed toward achieving this goal.  For the most part, they should be open-ended (responses that are not a “yes” or a “no”) so that business contact talks providing information while you actively listen.  For example:

  • What’s going on in your business these days? How have things changed?
  • You mentioned that you have your company values up on the wall.  How did you come up with that?
  • Many of our clients are reporting problems with areas A, B, and C. How are these areas affecting you?
  • How would implementing these changes affect your competitiveness in the market?
understand what’s important to them, reshape their thinking, and create better futures for them. The importance of asking the right sales questions cannot be understated.

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Improve Business Telemarketing - Visualize The Solution

Visualize The Solution

Changing your perspective to that of the business contact will help you improve business telemarketing sales calls.  Using directed, open-ended relevant questions will help reveal the business contact’s issues, objectives, pain and potential solutions.

What does the business contact desire his/her situation to be like after a potential solution? Your goal is to help the business contact visualize how much better life would be with your solution, and the pain of not solving the problem.

Once the business contact can internalize the solution as being his/her decision, it then becomes a natural process of your helping implement the solution.

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Improve Business Telemarketing - Why Different?

Why Different?

The business contact needs to understand what makes your solution (product or service) different and why that matters.  You need to answer the question, “Why will I be better off if I work with you and your company rather than someone else?”

You should anticipate and proactively address this topic with the business prospect:  ” I would like to explain why working with me and my company would be in your best interests…”

CONCLUSION - Improve Business Telemarketing

Four steps are presented how to improve business telemarketing sales calls.  These steps are basic.  1) You should let the business prospect talk more while you actively listen.  2) Ask the business contact relevant, directed, open-ended questions to foster information sharing and rapport toward achieving your particular goal.  3) Guide the business contact to visualize the solution that you can provide.  And 4) help the business contact clearly understand why you and your business solution are the right choice to resolve his/her pain.

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