Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call Center Outsourcing Services

We offer inbound and outbound call center outsourcing services (customer service, telemarketing, telesales, lead generation, order processing and others) to allow our clients the flexibility of serving traditional English and Spanish speaking markets.

Call center outsourcing services requires understanding that people conduct business with people that they like and respect.
That´s why we have a team of proven professionals who know how to get your message across in a way that properly represents your company´s brand and values.
This results in creating a relationship that moves potential clients to become customers.

Call Center Outsourcing Telemarketing Services
Outsourcing your English and Spanish telemarketing services to Nexus and be assured that your prospects are converted into customers.
Call Center Outsourcing Lead Generation Services
Outsourcing your English and Spanish lead generation services to Nexus and be assured that your marketing and sales process will be efficient and cost-effective.
Call Center Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services
Outsourcing your English and Spanish appointment setting services to Nexus and your business can increase market presence while lowering new customer costs.
Call Center Outsourcing Customer Services
Outsourcing your English and Spanish customer services to Nexus and your post-sales process will be high quality, efficient and cost-effective while increasing customer satisfaction and lowering service costs during the customer life cycle.
Call Center Outsourcing Market Research
Outsourcing your English and Spanish market research services to Nexus to make a quantitative market study of what your existing and potential customers are looking for results in more intelligent business decisions and increased likelihood of future success.

Call Center Outsourcing Services – Outbound

  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Up Sell/Cross Sales
  • Product Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Database Generation

Call Center Outsourcing Services – INBOUND

  • Consumer Response
  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Location
  • Direct TV Response
  • Website Response
  • Sales Leads
  • Order Processing
  • Toll-Free Response

Our Personnel

People are the cornerstone of our business and attracting and retaining highly motivated personnel is a critical success factor. Our personnel are equipped with the best tools to make them successful in their job. They are educated and trained on an ongoing basis on all the key aspects of their job. We link pay to performance. We allow and encourage employees to rotate between different client programs, and we encourage them to grow in the organization by taking on more responsibilities. This results in higher customer satisfaction and lower cost for our clients. We have a hiring criteria that is selective (95% are bilingual, 85% have lived in the US), because we know that the best people deliver the best results.

Our Quality

Our service representatives undergo an initial month of training. They receive periodic evaluations by the Supervisory, Training and Quality Assurance personnel. All service representatives are subject to random, online monitoring. All customer calls are recorded, reviewed and archived. Data files are proofed by QA and IT groups prior to client delivery. All Operational groups are available to adjust processes in real-time.

Our Process

Contact Us – Our business development staff will take the time to understand your business requirements and goals in order to personalize our call-center services.

Service Agreement – We will then send you a written service proposal outlining recommended services and fees. Once you are fully satisfied (we expect changes), we assign resources.

Project Preparation – A Project Manager is assigned who acts as the “point-person” that fully understands and is responsible for your project’s success. He/she will be responsible for communication and coordination of resources to reach your targeted start date. The technology is set up and tested, specific account information and customized scripts are developed, and the service representatives are interviewed, selected, and trained.

Start Date – Once you are completely satisfied with your project details, service representatives and mock test calls, your project goes live.

On-Line/Monitor Results – Your Project Manager will monitor your project daily to ensure that we are constantly meeting your expectations. You will receive daily project production reports and voice recordings for review. You may also review “live” customer calls remotely and in real-time. We analyze and make changes to your project whenever we and you feel necessary, recognizing that your business needs are always changing and that we should always be improving.

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