Business Telemarketing Services Benefits

Business Telemarketing Services Benefits

Business telemarketing services can improve your company’s competitiveness, performance and profitability as part of your marketing and sales strategy.   It is a valuable tool for businesses to quickly identify perspective customers and awaken new interest in existing customers.  Business telemarketing services provides immediate, direct verbal contact with your market and excellent return on marketing investment.   A clear, live telephone conversation really has no match in marketing and the process really works when properly executed.

Here are a series of benefits using business telemarketing services as part of your company’s marketing and sales strategy.

1 - Cost-Effective Marketing

Using business telemarketing services is often cost-effective for companies with limited experience and sales /marketing resources.  Pilot-test telemarketing campaigns may be  initially small with a limited budget and investment of resources.  Set up time for business telemarketing services is less than conventional  marketing options like print advertisement and direct mail.  Fast completion and review of the results will help you determine whether business telemarketing services are a good fit.

After completing a pilot-test telemarketing campaign, the business telemarketing services provider may offer a performance-based cost structure.  This may be a fee per qualified contact, qualified sales appointment, etc.  This allows you to control costs and provides clear indication of the telemarketing campaign’s outcome.  This allows a minimum guarantee return-on-investment.   The success of this type of performance-based cost structure requires transparency and profitability for both parties.  Generally this is not available with alternative marketing options  such as direct mail and print advertisement. 


2 - Immediate Feedback

The telephone call is the most direct means of marketing contact with an existing or perspective customer.  Using business telemarketing services to promote your company provides an immediate measure of interest in your products or services.  This direct, unfiltered communication between the telemarketing agent and the sales contact provides quick responses.  This includes their questions, needs, decision-making process and level of interest.

When using business telemarketing services for your existing customers serves to differentiate your business from the competition.  Whether the customer is a business (B2B) or a consumer (B2C), greater understanding of  their needs and satisfaction creates greater customer loyalty  This serves to create a barrier for your competition.  With business telemarketing services you build rapport with your customers and create a personalized service relationship.  This allows for customizing your products and services.

Whether you outsource the telemarketing or build your own team, you want to make sure that the… goal is to create a team of people who build relationships with prospects through multiple contacts.

3 - Increase Efficiency

When outsourcing to a business telemarketing services provider your company is able to leverage their resources and experience to increase efficiency of operations.   Generally there is a cost reduction versus replicating the telemarketing activities internally.  This is due to the business telemarketing services provider’s investments in equipment, technology, training and staffing that most companies can not justify since that is not their primary business focus.

Depending upon the complexity of the sales process, your internal marketing and sales personnel can focus on converting qualified sales prospects to customers rather than searching and filtering for prospects.  This streamlining of your company’s internal sales process improves sales conversions and lowers the cost of customer acquisition.   Additionally your internal sales team can dedicate more resources to your existing customers with the goal of increasing average revenue and referrals.

A benefit working with a business telemarketing services provider is the real-world experience gained by dealing with a history of multiple clients.  Your company staff can benefit from this knowledge to improve their productivity and efficiency to focus on other core areas of business.


4 - Grow Business Quickly

A company can quickly grow their business using business telemarketing services to generate sales lead prospects and appointment setting.  Your internal sales personnel focus on prospect to customer conversion, that quickly result in incremental sales revenue.   As your company customer base expands, your internal sales personnel will likely require dedicating more time and resources to new customer retention  further increasing sales revenue.  There will be a natural ebb and flow of activities between your business telemarketing services provider and internal sales personnel reflecting your company growth targets and financial resources for expansion.

Your company’s current customers may not have bought your products or services for some time.  They may be considered dormant or inactive.  Using a business telemarketing services provider to engage these types of customers with messages of appreciation and special offers to reactivate their interest level in your company.  This type of contact offers the potential of new sales opportunities and referrals as well as instant feedback as to why they are not currently active customers.  You already know who they are.  You need to find out why they are not generating business for you.


5 - Extend Market Reach

Most companies are limited is their market coverage due to resources.  These resources may be technology, knowledge, personnel, time, finances, etc.  Using a call-center outsourcing services provider for telemarketing activities can help supplement these resource limitations, with a low level investment and risk.

If your market is geographically local, using business telemarketing services allows for trial and expansion, zip code by zip code.  Quickly.  Your internal staff and resources can be stretched with incremental customers and sales in a manageable fashion.  If successful, repeat as your company resources will allow.  If not successful, review, adjust and repeat or switch marketing strategy.

For your existing customer base, new products and services can be presented by your business telemarketing services provider.  This process allows for the opportunity of new customer referrals to stretch your internal staff.

6 - Measurable Results

Using business telemarketing services for your company, like any marketing investment, should have identified goals that can be measured.  Both qualitative and quantitative goals are used, where business telemarketing services lend themselves to highly measurable results.  Based on the data provided by your business telemarketing services provider, together with your internal company data, you can adjust your marketing strategies and investments to offer the highest return on investment.

Some basic telemarketing quantitative goal metrics include:

  • Calls/Telemarketing Agent Hour
  • Contacts/Telemarketing Agent Hour
  • Qualified Leads/Telemarketing Agent Hour
  • Cost/Qualified Lead
  • New Customer Conversions/Qualified Leads
  • Cost/New Customer

CONCLUSION - Business Telemarketing Services Benefits

Six benefits for any company considering business telemarketing services are presented. These benefits will vary in importance to the company depending upon a variety of factors, but should include 1) Cost Effectiveness; 2) Immediacy of market knowledge; 3) Increased Efficiency; 4) Rate Of Growth; 5) Market Reach; and 6) Measurable Results.

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