Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

We offer virtual assistant services to a wide range of business owners.
Why choose us for your business outsourcing needs?
We are very experienced and know how to make our clients successful.

Virtual assistant services requires understanding that people conduct business with people that they trust and respect.
That´s why we have a team of proven professionals who know how to get your business moving forward.
Consequently this results in creating a long-term successful business relationship.


Today’s Challenge

The business world changes daily. You and your customers live in this constantly changing world. Consequently their business expectations of tomorrow will be different from when your company started with them as a customer.

For many working professionals and small business owners, their primary job duties get overshadowed by time-consuming administrative tasks. Often the issue is related to the business owner spending too much time completing routine tasks and losing focus of the “business”.  As a result we provide a solution to allow our clients to make better use of their limited time and make their business more successful.

Our Solution

Nexus Teleservices can help your business grow quickly since we recruit, vet and train a talented roster of virtual assistants (VA). You can contact us, tell us about your business and the services you are looking for, and we present you virtual assistant candidates for your needs. Basically the process is simple, transparent and at no risk to you.


The Why Of Using A Virtual Assistant

While each business is unique, they generally share common challenges.  Chiefly these are limitations of time, expertise, resources and the need to focus on core business activities.  Regardless, the business goals are to grow and be more profitable.

Using the services of a virtual assistant is a small-scale outsourcing of a part of your business activities.  Consequently, as with any outsourcing activity, you should view a virtual assistant as an extension of your work team.  Ideally your virtual assistant fits the role as one of your specialized, inexpensive employees working remotely.

Types Of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants come in all shapes, sizes and skill sets. As a result, the matching of your business needs to the particular skill set of a VA can be challenging.

We understand this challenge and have the experience to help navigate this “matching” process. Consequently, the virtual assistant services that we offer is varied.

Administrative Virtual Assistant
Administrative Virtual Assistant
Research Virtual Assistant
Research Virtual Assistant
Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant
Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant
Lead Generation Virtual Assistant
Lead Generation Virtual Assistant
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Website Administration Virtual Assistant
Website Admin Virtual Assistant
Blog Administration Virtual Assistant
Blog Admin Virtual Assistant

Benefits Of Virtual Assistant Services

There are a variety of benefits why you might choose to use a virtual assistant.  Accordingly here are several of them for you to consider:

Reduce Labor Costs
Increase Productivity
Increase Flexibility
Improve Work Quality
Help Growth Reduce Risk
Supplement Skills

Consider Virtual Assistant Services

Whenever your business has the need to hire additional staff, you should consider the alternative of a virtual assistant. Specifically, this applies if your business need does not justify hiring a full-time employee.  For example, you might choose to contract for virtual assistant services when:

Your business activities are overwhelming you and your existing staff.
You need to focus on the business and use your time more productively.
Your business has specific needs that you and your staff do not have the expertise.
You need additional resources for the business, but need to limit risk and investment.

There are many business situations that may apply to you where using a virtual assistant could be the ideal solution.


Virtual Assistant Process

Virtual Assistant Services Request

We know that you are busy, since you are considering the option of a Virtual Assistant.

Please fill out the short form and we will schedule a conference call at your convenience.

During the conference call (about 15 minutes) we will explain the process of contracting a Virtual Assistant that is specific to your business needs. Afterwards, you can get back to what you do best.

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