Call Center Outsourcing Solutions & Benefits

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions & Benefits

We offer call center outsourcing solutions to a wide range of clients in the Americas.
Why choose us for your call center outsourcing needs?
Because we are very experienced and know how to make our clients successful.

Our call center outsourcing solutions focus on providing our clients key business benefits to help their company growth and success.
We have an experienced team of proven professionals to manage your company’s call center outsourcing needs.
Consequently this allows your company to focus resources on its core business areas and develop new business opportunities.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions & Benefits

Call Center Outsourcing Services – Outbound

  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Up Sell/Cross Sales
  • Product Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Database Generation

Call Center Outsourcing Services – Inbound

  • Consumer Response
  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Location
  • Direct TV Response
  • Website Response
  • Sales Leads
  • Order Processing
  • Toll-Free Response

Benefit – Save Time

One of the key call center outsourcing solutions is that it helps save time for the company management. Time is an asset that is always limited, cannot be purchased, often wasted and critical to the success of any company. In simple terms, time management is crucial to company success, whether it is the owner, a manager or member of the work group.

Successful time management is all about self-control and the ability to assess and justify how the time is being invested. Accordingly, what is the core focus of the company should be prioritized, and the remainder should be delegated to a third-party call center outsourcing provider.

The underlying assumption is that the call center function is NOT a core focus of the company. So the company management is involved managing the provider relationship and not the call center operational details. Consequently the company management saves time for more productive business activities.

Successful companies use call center outsourcing to maximizing their productive use of time. Specifically, their management prioritize and focus on what is important to the success of the company and delegate the rest.

Benefit – Reduce Costs

A key call center outsourcing solutions benefit is the opportunity for a company to produce significant costs savings related to its call center functions. Because most companies are under pressure to manage or reduce costs, using a third-party provider is generally less expensive than doing it in-house.

Specifically your company can eliminate costs related to facility space, infrastructure, call center technology, support, capital and most significantly, labor costs. So this can produce a significant savings for your company because labor is the highest percentage of the call center function.

Specific labor cost savings include:

  • Less Personnel Recruiting | Retraining | Rotation
  • Lower Base Salaries And Benefits
  • More Flexible Labor Regulations
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Human Resource Management
  • Less Management Operational Supervision

The resultant cost savings allows your company to invest in improving quality, adding additional services for your customers, expanding to other business areas or simply increasing your financial capital.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions Benefit - Simplify Scaling

 Benefit РSimplify Scaling

When a company is in its growth phase, it is time to scale up. That is, it needs to make decisions to adjust, grow and expand in a profitable way. Accordingly, the variety of call center outsourcing solutions allows a company to manage this growth phase.

Scaling Challenges

Following are challenges most companies experience in scaling up:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Increase Competition
  • Nurturing A Company Culture
  • Delegation & Prioritization
  • Adapting To Market Changes
  • Abandoning What Doesn’t Work
Scaling Solutions

A company using our call center outsourcing solutions allows it to deal with the above business challenges in a variety of ways. For example these include:

  • Lower Labor Costs (See Above)
  • Expand Service Coverage (Markets, Languages, Multiple Time Zones)
  • Adjust Support Staffing Due To Seasonality Highs/Lows Call Spikes
  • Increase Flexibility For Staffing Business Expansion And Contraction
  • Launch New Products And Promotions
  • Supplement Staffing With Specialized Skill Sets For New Opportunities
  • Strengthen Back-End Operations (BPO) To Support Growth

Our call center outsourcing solutions allow a company to adapt to the growth and changes of this business phase. However the company is still challenged by the required overall planning, funding, systems, staffing, processes and technology. But using our call center outsourcing solutions provides a company a variety of options to help scale up for these challenges.

Benefit – Increase Flexibility

For a company to be successful in this changing world, it must be flexible. Specifically the business environment constantly experiences rapid changes in technology, economy, client behavior and governmental legislation. Consequently, only companies that are flexible to adapt to these changes will succeed. Conversely, more rigid companies will fail to adapt and not survive.

Flexibility Options

Among the call center outsourcing solutions is providing a company a range of options to increase flexibility and adaptability. Consequently, here are some ideas a company should consider to evaluate its business flexibility:

  • Increase adaptability to change, particularly technology and customer expectations, by leveraging the variety of skill sets and infrastructure of a third-party call center outsourcing provider.
  • Improve company employee retention by outsourcing the call center function role and focusing on core company needs.
  • Strengthen the personnel talent pool by increasing its diversity by combining company and outsourced call center staffing.
  • Diversify call center function roles across multiple locations (domestic and offshore) allowing continuity during change and uncertainty.
  • Adjust staffing, resources and cost structure as demand changes by utilizing our call center’s workforce management experience.

A company that is flexible responds to change by evolving. Consequently the most flexible companies do not fight change. But rather they accept and adapt as a normal aspect of the changing business environment.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Benefit – Increase Efficiency

One of our call center outsourcing solutions is increasing the efficiency of a company. Efficiency measures how well a company converts inputs like capital, labor and materials into outputs like revenue, products and services.

There are three main areas of company efficiency that greatly benefit by using our call center outsourcing services: financial, labor and operations.

Financial Efficiency

A company’s financial efficiency measures its expenses as a percentage of revenue. Consequently using a third-party call center provider can save time, reduce labor costs, simplify company scaling and increase flexibility. So, this reduces a company’s expenses and increases its revenue.

Labor Efficiency

The labor efficiency of a company is the measure of employee output in an hour of work. As shown above, redistributing labor activities based on priority, value, skill set and cost improves the total level of work group output. Additionally, adapting technology improvements to a distributed work group allows for increased productivity and flexibility.

Operations Efficiency

Operations efficiency is related to the core company processes such as manufacturing and services delivery. Because this is where the majority of business costs occur. Hence our call center outsourcing services save time, lower labor costs, and strengthens adaptability to changes in processes and procedures. As a result, the whole area of a company’s operations is streamlined over time.