Virtual Assistant Process

Virtual Assistant Process

Our virtual assistant process is intended to match our clients with the right virtual assistant, the first time.  Basically it benefits everyone if the marriage works right from the very beginning. 

You will find that our virtual assistant process is straightforward and not complicated.
Consequently we can offer you the flexibility to choose and adapt as your business needs change and evolve.

Finally, our goal is to help your business grow and be more successful.
Because after all, that is what a successful business relationship is all about.


Traditional third-party outsourcing services have been generally available to medium and large size companies. As a result, these companies have leveraged many benefits related to cost reductions and economies of scale.

However, the transition of the digital economy has altered many of the economic and technological barriers for the outsourcing provider. Consequently these outsourcing services, at a very small scale, can be offered to small businesses and entrepreneurs under the general heading of Virtual Assistant.

Governmental regulations make it increasingly difficult and costly for the small business owner to hire permanent employees. Accordingly, this has resulted in the evolution of the virtual employee to support the growth of small businesses.

Simultaneously, this virtual employee can now reside in the next town, next state or across the ocean. Basically this is due to the technology having matured to facilitate communications and coordination between the small business owner and the Virtual Assistant.

Nexus Teleservices has been providing outsourcing services to US business owners for more than thirteen years. Consequently we offer business owners the experience to successfully transition to an offshore Virtual Assistant business model.

We understand that many business owners need help setting up a Virtual Assistant relationship and don’t know where to start. Before you begin this process we ask that you give us the opportunity to share some of our experience and insight. All things considered, it will be worth your time and peace of mind.

Virtual Assistant Process - How

1 – Screening

  • Preliminary Telephone Interview
  • Follow Up Language & Written Tests
  • Audit Of Prior Work & Legal History
  • Follow Up Computer Skills Tests
  • Interview By VA Team Leader
  • Candidate Approval

2 – Training

  • Candidates Enter 30 Day Evaluation Period
  • Training Of Basic Internal Systems
  • Training Of VA Tool Sets
  • Mock Work Activities
  • QA Review & Approval
  • VA Team Leader Review & Approval
  • Employment Contract Offer

3 – Pairing

  • VA Team Leader Profiles VA
  • VA Skill Sets, Experience, Personality & Career Focus
  • VAs Paired To Potential Clients By Requirements

4 – Interviews

  • Perspective Client Conducts VA Online Interview
  • Client Identifies Business Goals & Expectations Of VA
  • Perspective Client AND VA Determine Whether Right Match
  • If Not, Process Repeats

5 – Selection

  • Client Selects VA To Join Business Team
  • VA Selects Client To Participate In Business Team
  • Team Leader Structures Client Review Process
  • VA Team Leader Structures VA Review Process

6 – Audit

  • VA Team Leader & Client Establish Communication Process & Frequency
  • VA Team Leader & VA Structure Quality Review
  • QA independent Monitoring Of VA

While the Virtual Assistant process has structure and form, each client and their business is truly different and unique.  Consequently we have found the importance of being flexible and adaptable in our relationships with clients.  Basically, we simply ask of our clients to help us to help you.


Virtual Assistant Process

Virtual Assistant Services Request

We know that you are busy, since you are considering the option of a Virtual Assistant.

Please fill out the short form and we will schedule a conference call at your convenience.

During the conference call (about 15 minutes) we will explain the process of contracting a Virtual Assistant that is specific to your business needs. Afterwards, you can get back to what you do best.

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