Virtual Assistant Faq

Virtual Assistant Faq

We expect that you will have some questions about Virtual Assistant small business outsourcing.  Accordingly we have listed below the most frequently asked questions received from our clients. 

Our virtual assistant faq (frequently asked questions) list is updated periodically. However, if you don’t find an answer to your particular question, please simply contact us.

Our goal is to help your business grow and be more successful.  Because after all, that is what a successful business relationship is all about.

Virtual Assistant Faq

Each client and their business is truly different and unique.  As a result we have found the importance of being flexible and adaptable in our relationships with clients.

As part of that process is the basic need for open communication.  Consequently, we encourage you to review the Virtual Assistant Faq list to help you understand us a little better.  Ultimately the goal is to have a successful business relationship for both parties.

This is probably the most frequent question we receive.

We don’t currently provide this option, but we will review client demands, particularly if they are current clients.

The size and scope of a client project request will be the determining factor to justify investing resources for a “one-off” project.

Most likely yest, but it all depends on what your business needs, the time frame, budget and other factors.

You should review our list of Virtual Assistant Services as a starting point.

Better yet, contact us for an informal conversation with one of our business development managers to see how best we might help your business grow.

We recommend that you view your Virtual Assistant as a logical extension of yourself. Basically you should strive to delegate those business activities that are not the best use of your time. So, your Virtual Assistant should have a “full plate” of activities, prioritized by you.

Here is a simple list of potential Virtual Assistant activities that occupy a small business owner’s valuable time:

  • Managing Email
  • Receiving and Processing Telephone Calls
  • Managing Appointments, Calendars, Social Activities
  • Responding To Chat Inquiries
  • Managing Blog Articles Responses
  • Reviewing Social Media Activities
  • Calling Business Prospects

In the course of business week the list of activities can be quite extensive for you and the Virtual Assistant.

In summary, don’t place limitations on how a Virtual Assistant can help your business grow.

Our Virtual Assistants are employees of Nexus Teleservices. Consequently they go through our screening and training program prior to being presented to a potential client.

As a result, our lead times are approximately two to three weeks after client sign up. However this can lengthen based on our supply and demand for personnel.

Basically, if a Virtual Assistant candidate does not meet our expectations as an employee, we would not expect a client to work with them either.

No. Our business philosophy is to have a long-term business relationships based on the quality of our services and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

However, we understand that the needs of a small business is fluid and can change quickly. Consequently we require a 15 day advance notice to allow a transition of the Virtual Assistant’s work assignments.

No, the Virtual Assistant is an employee of Nexus Teleservices, not your business.

Your business takes advantage of the Virtual Assistant outsourcing benefits while not incurring the legal and tax regulatory issues of having a direct employee.

Unfortunately not.

We offer Virtual Assistant services on either a part-time or full-time basis. Consequently we are able to recruit and maintain a stable staff of Virtual Assistants for our clients.

We find many potential small business owners under estimate the number of activity hours related to the use of a Virtual Assistant. Consequently this becomes a matter of the small business owner’s balancing need versus budget.

You obviously can recruit, train and directly manage a remote Virtual Assistant. Certainly there are business owners that do this and have been successful, others not so.

Basically it becomes a matter of whether you have the time, desire and budget to directly manage a remote 1099 contract employee. Chiefly the primary reason a business owner would consider this option is the perception of administrative control and supervision. Additionally, if the decision does not work out, for whatever reason, the business owner now has an additional issues to deal with.

Remember, when you contract a Virtual Assistant from Nexus Teleservices, you are also receiving the value added benefits of our support infrastructure and experience to help your business grow fast.

Yes, that is a common concern any business owner has trying to manage a remote worker.

Each Virtual Assistant is assigned a Team Leader who tracks their attendance, work activities and our policies about availability and working hours. Following end of the business day, we provide our clients a report of their time tracker that details how much time they have spent on any given client task.


Things “happen” in a business relationship between boss and worker. Especially this occurs due to clarity of communications and expectations of performance results. Regardless, our role is to ensure that the Virtual Assistant assigned to a client provides the quality of service expected by the business owner.

We find that the frequency and transparency of communication between the business owner and our Virtual Assistant Team Leader is key to a successful business relationship. Obviously, both parties have a vested interest in its joint success.

Often, the most direct solution is simply picking up the telephone and indicating what is “not working” right. Finally, at the end of the day, we will make the adjustments (procedures, supervision or personnel) required to “make it work.”

Yes, we can provide you a account login to review the activities of the Virtual Assistant assigned to your business account.

All of our Virtual Assistants work in our outsourcing facility designated as a Zona Franca in Managua, Nicaragua. Consequently they have the infrastructure, technology and management staff to ensure their success supporting your business activities. Additionally, since we normally operate on either US Central or Mountain Time Zones, we offer convenience of communication with our business clients.

Virtual Assistants are fill-time employees of Nexus Teleservices. Consequently a part-time Virtual Assistant is normally assigned to two business accounts.

That being said, we can review with the “other” business client to see if there is flexibility to make a change. However, in fairness to both business clients, there has to be a willingness to make a change.

Our Virtual Assistants work exclusively with the clients assigned to them.

However, our Team Leaders and support staff are available to supplement the needs of a Virtual Assistant to perform new tasks or improve their performance. In short, we work as a team to help you grow your business.

 If there is question that you might have that we have not included in our Virtual Assistant Faq, please contact us using the form below.


Virtual Assistant Faq

Virtual Assistant Services Request

We know that you are busy, since you are considering the option of a Virtual Assistant.

Please fill out the short form and we will schedule a conference call at your convenience.

During the conference call (about 15 minutes) we will explain the process of contracting a Virtual Assistant that is specific to your business needs. Afterwards, you can get back to what you do best.

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