Call-Center Outsourcing Benefits

Call-Center Outsourcing Benefits

There are a series of call-center outsourcing benefits that a business can use to improve its competitiveness, performance and profitability.  A business uses call-center outsourcing (subcontracting) to provide or supplement a variety of call-center business functions.  Such business functions might include:  telemarketing, customer service, telesales, market research and others.

Here are six call-center outsourcing benefits that you can use to improve your business performance.

1 - Reduce Costs

One of the primary call-center outsourcing benefits, not surprisingly, is cost reduction.  A call-center outsourcing provider requires major investments in facilities, equipment, technology, operations and staffing.  These costs are amortized across it’s client base over a long-term basis.  A business client benefits by paying only for the services needed for its project or campaign.  This payment is usually on a transaction, per-hour or performance basis.

Call-center outsourcing providers can also “share” agents with multiple clients, if that is in their best interest. This “blended-agent” approach reduces idle time and can deliver a lower cost-per-contact rate for clients.

2 - Flexibility And Scalability

A call center outsourcing provider business model is based on serving multiple clients across multiple industries.  This broad base allows the provider flexibility to allocate resources to the changing needs of a business client.

An example is a client with changing call volumes due to time of day, day of week or business season.  The call-center outsourcing provider can schedule personnel more effectively to reduce costs to the business client. Also, call-center outsourcing providers have the size and staff to ramp up or reduce quickly if call volumes quickly change.

…began outsourcing to save money. They found it was more cost-effective to locate their call centers in areas with a lower cost of living.

3 - Industry Knowledge

Call-center outsourcing providers have specialized understanding of call center services for different industries. Their executives and staff have valuable experience and proven strategies that only come from years and years of experience.

A key call-center outsourcing benefit is the real-world experience gained by dealing with a history of multiple clients.  Think of this as trial by fire.  Each client has common business needs, however each is  unique with different expectations, market demands and customer needs.  A call-center outsourcing provider with extensive years of experience likely has seen and done it all.

4 - Expert Management

Call-center outsourcing providers are specialists in providing third-party services. They compete to attract the best management and support staff with years of call-center operations experience.

Businesses that internally provide call-center services (telemarketing, customer service, etc.) to their customers are often are limited.  They are limited in technology, cost, quality, institutional knowledge and skills necessary for top-tier performance.  This is because it is not their core business,

5 - Cost Management

A call-center outsourcing provider business model is normally based on costs per transaction. They have invested in tools and expertise to precisely measure per-transaction costs to assure their profitability. This level of cost detail is typically shared with the client on the monthly bill for services.  This helps the client evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and overall operations.

For businesses with in-house call-center activities these transaction  costs that are difficult to quantify to specific transactions. This is because personnel are normally shared among a variety of other business activities.  This makes it challenging to manage costs and measure profitability.

6 - Quality Monitoring And Control

A call-center outsourcing provider normally provides it’s clients a service level agreements (SLAs).  The SLA specifies the services to provided, performance criteria, scheduling, quality metrics and costing.  It is a call-center outsourcing benefit for the business client to have the relationship documented.  This provides for clear understanding of the responsibilities and performance expectations of both parties.

Call-center outsourcing providers have the technology, monitoring tools, performance assessment and improvement plans to ensure SLAs are consistently met.  Also the call-center outsourcing provider has the incentive to outperform the SLA.  Why?  To avoid the client seeking an alternative outsourcing provider.

CONCLUSION - Call-Center Outsourcing Benefits

Call-center outsourcing benefits to a business client are presented. These benefits will vary in importance to the client, but will invariably include 1) Reduce Costs; 2) Flexibility and Scalability; 3) Industry Knowledge; 4) Expert Management; 5) Cost Management; and 6) Performance and Quality Monitoring.

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