Selecting A Call-Center Outsourcing Provider

Tips To Selecting A Call-Center Outsourcing Provider

Your business can improve its competitiveness and performance by selecting a call-center outsourcing provider as a strategic business partner. Depending upon your particular needs, there are a variety of potential call-center benefits available to your company. If done correctly, selecting a call-center outsourcing partner can be a long-term business success. However, if the selection is done poorly, your business will suffer a series of headaches or worse, a complete disaster.

Here are six tips in selecting a call-center outsourcing provider to ensure the benefits of a successful business relationship.

1 - Anticipate

Good anticipation and planning are characteristics of successful businesses. You should anticipate what your business needs are and how selecting a call-center outsourcing provider will help you in this effort. While call-center outsourcing providers generally can expedite setting up a new business relationship, the better the initial planning, the better the quality of service. Planning takes time. Give your call-center outsourcing that luxury if it is available to you.

As part of selecting a call-center outsourcing provider you should review their process for bringing on a new client.  What is expected, timing, and which party is responsible for what.  You should strive to reduce surprises at the outset of the business relationship.

2 - Clear Communications

Your business relationship with your call-center outsourcing provider is somewhat like a marriage. Clear communications can help reduce the stress and potential for mistakes in understanding. Your business needs to be clear in your expectations as to what the call-center outsourcing services are to accomplish. You should communicate the business goals, the means for measuring and evaluating, anticipated costs and schedule of service delivery. Set proper expectation, both within your business as well with your call-center outsourcing provider, to ensure success.

Since this should be a long-term, strategic business relationship, the personnel assigned to manage should have the proper fit. They should have similar goals and dedication to the relationship’s success. They need to speak the same cultural language.

…Selecting the right provider for your project is imperative.  So don’t rush the process.

3 - Value Added

Call-center outsourcing providers have specialized understanding of call center services for different industries. Their executives and staff have valuable experience and proven strategies that only come from years and years of experience.

A key call-center outsourcing value-add benefit is the real-world experience gained by dealing with a history of multiple clients. Think of this as trial by fire. Each client has common business needs, however each is unique with different expectations, market demands and customer needs. Selecting a call-center outsourcing provider with extensive years of experience is a major plus.

After selecting a call-center outsourcing provider, you have expanded your talent-base. The call-center personnel have different skill sets that your business staff should leverage as part of the relationship. Learn from the experts in call-center outsourcing.

4 - Experience

When you are selecting a call-center outsourcing provider, you should ensure that their business experience fits your  business needs.  How aligned is their business with your business?  When you have a conversation with their management staff is it clear that they understand what is required and how to solve your business needs?

Whatever your level of understanding of your business needs and the use of call-center outsourcing services to solve them, the provider should know much more than you.  That is their core business, not yours.

Generally each outsourcing provider has their particularly industry focus and types of services offered.  They should match your business needs from the outset.  You should not be experimenting, particularly if this is your first instance of outsourcing business services.

5 - Provider Location

Selecting a call-center outsourcing provider location should reflect the type of service(s) that will be provided.  Also you will need to consider whether your internal personnel are providing like services and whether they will continue afterwards.  Call-center outsourcing provider locations, due to labor skills and cost fall into two groups:  domestic and offshore.

Domestic call-center outsourcing providers should be considered for:

  • Outbound Sales/Lead Generation of Limited Size Database
  • High Value Inbound Services
  • Low Volume Inbound/Outbound Services
  • High Margin Products/Services

Offshore call-center outsourcing providers should be considered for:

  • Outbound Lead Generation/Sales with large size database
  • High Volume Inbound Customer Services
  • Back Office Functions (Transcription, Chat, Collections)
  • Low Margin Products/Services

6 - Quality Value

One of the primary benefits to a business selecting a call-center outsourcing provider is cost reduction.  A call-center outsourcing provider invests in facilities, equipment, technology, operations and staffing that are amortized across it’s client base over a long-term basis.  Your business benefits by paying only for the services needed.

A call-center outsourcing provider normally provides it’s clients a service level agreements (SLAs). The SLA specifies the services to provided, performance criteria, scheduling, quality metrics and costing. This provides for clear understanding of the responsibilities and performance expectations of both parties.

For your business, the balance between cost reduction and service quality is the value you and your customers receive.  In selecting a call-center outsourcing provider, rarely is it in your business interest to make the decision solely based on lowest bid.

CONCLUSION - Selecting A Call-Center Outsourcing Provider

Six tips for any business selecting a Call-center outsourcing provider are presented. These tips will vary in importance to the business depending upon a variety of factors, but should include 1) Anticipation; 2) Clear Communications; 3) Value Added; 4) Experience; 5) Provider Location; and 6) Quality Value.

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