May 24

Another F#$%& Telemarketing Call!

You sit down to relax at the end of the day with family when the telephone rings. “Hello, my name is John and I´m calling on behalf of….” We get them all the time. Why? There is a very simply reason: these telemarketing calls are VERY EFFECTIVE at generating business. Similar to TV infocommercials, telemarketing calls provide the sponsoring company, immediate market feedback and quantifiable return on marketing investment.

What are some of the factors that will influence the “success” of the telemarketing campaign? The offer, the calling list, the outsourcing call-center, the telemarketing agent, the follow up with the sales leads.

How will you determine the success of your telemarketing campaign? It is generally somewhat subjective to the goals of the company or organization. If your a politician your success rate may be determined by the cost for generating incremental voters to support your particular cause. Is $10 per vote too much? Depends on how close the election. Or perhaps if your campaign is AGAINST your opponent, it may be the the number of voter who do NOT turn out to vote. If your an online educational business, an interested potential student (i.e., sales lead) may represent several thousands of dollars in revenue during the course of a 2-4 year program. Is $15 too high for such a sales lead? Depends on the conversion rate from lead to completed sale. If there is a 25% lead to sales conversion rate, for a $60 telemarketing cost this will result in a minimum of $2,500, approximately 2.5%. Very efficient and inexpensive.

For additional information, visit: Nexus Teleservices to discuss how we can help your company or organization increase your business or voter turnout using telemarketing.

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