Home Improvement Appointment Setting Services

Home Improvement Appointment Setting

Outsourcing home improvement appointment setting services (Business to Consumer) can streamline your company’s sales process resulting in more customers and increased profitability. It is a valuable service for home improvement contractors to quickly pre-qualify perspective customers, shortens the sales cycle and improves the productivity of your internal and field sales staff. Home improvement appointment setting services provides immediate, direct verbal contact with your potential future customers, saves time and money and improves your bottom line.

Here are some suggestions for using home improvement appointment setting services as part of your company’s sales strategy.

1 - Appointment Setting Process

Companies that lack a formal home improvement appointment setting process result in fewer appointments and have more cancellations.  Worse, will also have more sales calls where the homeowner doesn’t show up or is unprepared for a professional presentation, and their salespeople experience lower closing ratios.

A home improvement appointment setting process should include:

  • Dedicated Appointment Setting Personnel vs Field Sales Personnel
  • Formal Scripting To Qualify And Capture Homeowner Needs/Interests
  • Participation of Homeowner(s) And Interested Parties
  • Adequate Time Allotted For Field Sales Presentation
  • Appointment Follow Up Email and Confirmation Telephone Call

2 -First Impression

The home improvement appointment setting process is the first impression and sets the tone with your prospect homeowner. What the caller hears will create a picture of what the home improvement contractor is.

Whether an outbound cold-call or an inbound call responding to your marketing activities, this personal connection should make the homeowner feel welcomed rather than being an interruption. The conversation should be courteous, professional and respectful of the prospect’s time. Ideally the homeowner should feel in control.

As part of the home improvement appointment setting is the needs analysis for your field sales personnel.  What are the needs, concerns, history and urgency of the homeowner?  Your field sales person will confirm these things during the homeowner visit, but learning this information in advance will greatly help in the planning, sales presentation and questions asked.

Finally the home improvement appointment setting process confirms the homeowner understanding of what the next steps are and thanking them.

Homeowners invite contractors to their homes to take a look at things and, if they have one, offer a solution to their problems.

3 - Sell The Idea

The home improvement appointment setting process needs to sell the idea of the value of an in-home consultation.  The homeowner’s initial contact with your company may be a general information inquiry or for a price quotation.  This initial contact needs to be adjusted to helping the homeowner appreciate the value of an in-home consultation with your field sales personnel.

An in-home consultation is a very simple, normal process that is repeated thousands of times each day with homeowners.  The home improvement appointment setting personnel needs to be skilled at helping homeowners understand the simplicity and necessity of this process.  Furthermore the homeowner prospect must be comfortable and excited about the results they can anticipate from using your company’s services to solve his/her particular need.

4 - Confirmation And Participation

The home improvement appointment setting process needs to ensure that the right people with sufficient time allotted on their calendar will participate in the in-house presentation.  Since the homeowner’s personal time is of great value to him/her, the appointment setting personnel need to explain what the time will be used for (questions, inspection, measurements, sales materials, etc.) and resulting benefits of a personalized solution to his/her needs.

Who should participate in the in-house presentation?  Ideally the homeowner who will decide on a contract, but also making sure that the people who need to understand your company’s products and services are there.

Since homeowners have hectic lives, to minimize no-shows an email reminder and confirmation telephone call two hours prior to the in-house presentation should be part of the home improvement appointment setting process.

Finally one last question for the homeowner prospect is where they heard about your company, to be passed back to your marketing staff for future activities.

CONCLUSION - Home Improvement Appointment Setting Services

Recommendations for companies considering home improvement appointment setting services is presented. These include 1) Appointment Setting Process; 2) First Impression; 3) Sell The Idea; and 4) Confirmation and Participation.  By following a successful home improvement appointment setting process, your field sales personnel and your homeowner prospects will be better prepared for an experience that is enjoyable, goes as anticipated, and leads to increased sales conversions for your company.

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