Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

When you hire a lead generation virtual assistant from us you get to focus on your
business productivity while saving time and money.  Basically that is the simple idea. 

You may also hire a lead generation virtual assistant when your business needs additional lead prospects entering your sales pipeline.
Consequently we offer you the flexibility to choose and adapt as your business needs change and evolve.

Finally, our goal is to help your business grow and be more successful.
Because after all, that is what a successful business relationship is all about.


A lead generation virtual assistant provides sales prospecting services from our nearshore facilities to business owners in the Americas. Basically, the lead generation virtual assistant provides the “front-end” sales prospecting to supplement and streamline your business sales development.  Consequently this helps improve the productivity of your internal sales personnel, allowing them to increase new client sales conversions.

A business owner understands that sales prospecting tasks take a lot of time from his/her internal sales staff. Hence, reducing these sales prospecting tasks allows them to focus on pre-qualified sales opportunities.  As a result you can increase your sales conversions resulting in business growth and revenue.

Successful business owners use their more experienced and expensive internal sales personnel for sales opportunities, by outsourcing preliminary sales prospecting to lead generation virtual assistants.  Obviously it is just a smart business decision.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant Brief

Pre-Sales Business Administrator

A lower cost, nearshore skilled Pre-Sales Business Administrator can significantly reduce your new business expenses and stimulate the productivity of your sales team. Basically this is a key element of small business outsourcing.

  • A business team needs to deliver consistent results. However, your sales team often is distracted by tasks that they should not be doing. As a result your sales team is less productive and achieves less results. Instead our nearshore lead generation virtual assistant solves this challenge for the business owner.
  • By having your pre-sales business administration performed by a nearshore lead generation virtual assistant, you can focus your internal sales staff into members exclusively dedicated to more productive activities.
  • For example, your pre-sales business administrator creates sales prospect lists, that are telephone contacted, filtered and converted into new pre-qualified sales leads.
  • Later, these are converted by your sales team into sales appointments that get nurtured over time into closed deals. Consequently, a more productive and successful sales team results in more consistent growth for your business.
  • Your nearshore pre-sales business administrator can streamline the sales development process to keep your business functioning in top form. Afterwards, you wouldn’t consider going back to the way the business ran before.


  • Generate sales prospect lists from online sources, as needed
  • Provide customer with telephone script feedback and adjustments
  • Contact sales prospects using automated telephone dialer software
  • Process sales prospects based on customer lead filters
  • Enter sales prospects in customer CRM or cloud shared system
  • Coordinate sales prospects with customer internal sales personnel
  • Deliver sales prospect lists to customer at completion


  • Proven experience in B2C or B2B telephone role
  • Familiar with desktop sharing, cloud services and VoIP
  • Experience with automated telephone dialer software
  • Knowledge of online sales prospecting
  • Excellent phone, email and instant messaging skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Solid organizational skills
  • High school diploma

All of our Virtual Assistants have access to an extensive range of resources to provide your company the services needed to help you grow. Following is a brief list: Dedicated Staff Team Leader, Time Tracking Software, Predictive and Manual Automated Dialers, Project Management Tools, Video Conferencing, Online Chat, Education, and Training.


Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services Request

We know that you are busy, since you are considering the option of a Virtual Assistant.

Please fill out the short form and we will schedule a conference call at your convenience.

During the conference call (about 15 minutes) we will explain the process of contracting a Virtual Assistant that is specific to your business needs. Afterwards, you can get back to what you do best.

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