Call Center Appointment Setting

Call Center Appointment Setting

We offer call center appointment setting services to a wide range of clients in the Americas.
Why choose us for your outsourcing needs?
We are very experienced and know how to make our clients successful.

Call center appointment setting requires understanding that people conduct business with people that they like and respect.
That´s why we have a team of proven professionals who know how to get your message across in a way that properly represents your company´s brand and values.
This results in creating a relationship that moves potential prospects to become your customers.

Our Appointment Setting Services

Call Center Outsourcing Services – Outbound

  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Up Sell/Cross Sales
  • Product Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Database Generation

Call Center Outsourcing Services – Inbound

  • Consumer Response
  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Location
  • Direct TV Response
  • Website Response
  • Sales Leads
  • Order Processing
  • Toll-Free Response

Business Development

In today’s business environment, regardless of whatever product or service your company promotes, time is money. Your sales team is constantly trying to keep up with the demands of their schedules and closing deals. We understand that sales appointment setting is a difficult part of business development and consequently one of the most common challenges your company faces in growing sales and profitability.


Most companies need a constant flow of sales leads and appointments for their sales team. The challenge is that while the sales team is following up on leads and appointments, they have to split their time on the telephone generating new leads and appointments. And since no sale will happen without first speaking directly with a prospect, your sales team will always prioritize sales closings over sales prospecting.

Call Center Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services

Your Sales Pipeline

Our call center outsourcing appointment setting services (B2B or B2C) is a solution to this dilemma.  Our telephone representatives schedule sales appointments with a qualified decision maker.  We verify that the prospect is educated and interested in your company´s products or services. The result is your company reduces costs, increases the number of qualified sales appointments. This feeds your sales pipeline and allows your internal staff to focus on sales closings rather than sales prospecting. This results in more revenue and profitability for your business.

Company Resources and Risks

An appointment setting program for any company is an investment of resources and entails risks.  Nexus Teleservices takes a consultative approach in its call-center outsourcing appointment setting services to minimize your company’s investment and risk.  Our management staff reviews with your company throughout each step of the appointment setting program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments. We offer your company low minimums, flexible pilot programs and customized pricing methods to allow you for focus on your core business.

Appointment Setting Features

Data Sources

We provide appointment setting services using a variety of data sources: Client provides existing list; Client provides unqualified list; Nexus Teleservices provides unqualified list.

We provide list scrubbing services to eliminate duplicate names and phone numbers.

We provide list scrubbing services against Do Not Call lists to ensure regulatory compliance.

Telephone Script

The telephone presentation (script) our staff uses is determined and fully customized by your company.

This ensures consistency of how we promote your brand, product or service.

We offer you suggestions on fine tuning the telephone presentation, based on our years of real-world experience.


We offer both progressive and predictive telephone dialing systems for high levels of productivity and lead generation.

Our Customer Management System captures lead contact information and is exported to you daily for your analysis.


We can live-transfer a “hot” appointment to your internal sales staff for immediate follow up.

Otherwise we “book” the appointment using an online calendar system that we both share and have visibility.

Online voice recordings of the appointment are provided for your preparation and follow up activities.

If there is a need to send information to the sales prospect prior to the appointment we can do that via email or fax.

Appointment Setting Industries

  • B2B and B2C Sales
  • SEO and Digital Media Services
  • Software Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Restaurant/Hospitality Services
  • Home Improvement Services
  • Medical Services
  • Transportation Services

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