Telephone Surveys

Nexus Teleservices has been providing inbound and outbound call-center services to a wide range of clients in the Americas and Europe for more than eight years. Why choose Nexus Teleservices for your telephone market survey services? Very simple – we are experienced and we get it! That´s why we have a team of proven professionals who know how to get your message across to potential survey respondents in a way that properly represents your company´s brand and values.

When your business or organization needs to have a clear understanding and perspective on a particular market segment, Nexus Teleservices can help. Our management and operational staff are experts at helping you study the marketplace to determine what your previous, existing and potential new customers are looking for. By utilizing our extensive experience and infrastructure of knowledge and technology, we can provide your company quality telephone survey data to make a qualitative and quantitative market study. The result? With more knowledge about your market and competition, your company can make more intelligent business decisions, with less risk and increased likelihood of future success.

Telephone surveys and opinion polls are a fast way to do market research. We offer survey respondents the opportunity to give in-depth answers to open-ended questions. Our staff knows how to accurately probe to receive complete responses and respondents generally demonstrate greater interest in participating in sensitive topics via the telephone versus in-person interviews.

We make it easy for your company to ask questions of hard to reach groups. A significant advantage of collecting market survey data with Nexus Teleservices is the knowledge that it is from the right profile respondent. Our staff is experienced to reach the right respondent in a professional and efficient manner to ensure accuracy, quality and integrity of the data.

Market Research Features

  • Our telephone representatives can conduct market telephone surveys from a variety of data sources. Depending on your company´s needs Nexus Teleservices can use your existing customers list (or former customer list), a new market unqualified list that you provide or we can source calling lists from a variety of third parties.
  • The telephone survey that our staff uses is determined and fully controlled by your company, to ensure consistency of how we extract market responses.
  • Nexus Teleservices uses Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software for complex surveys and quota response management. This allows the interview flow to be smooth, consistent, with complex skips to be undetected by the respondent. This allows our telephone representatives to concentrate on the question at hand, not what they should be asking next.
  • Since our telephone representatives will be making unqualified respondent contacts (i.e., cold-calls) we offer both progressive and predictive telephone dialing systems for high levels of productivity and survey respondent participation.
  • After we have identified a survey respondent, we provide a variety of options for the processing the response data. If the survey is processed to completion the data is available to your company electronically in real-time or batched at end-of-day. For long-duration surveys that are not fully completed or the respondent responses require clarification or additional information, we schedule a follow up telephone call with the respondent for completion and quality review. Additionally we provide your company access to the online voice recordings of the telephone surveys for quality control and auditing activities.

Telephone Survey Industries

Nexus Teleservices extensive experience in telephone survey programs spans a wide range of industries including:

  • B2B and B2C Sales
  • Software Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Restaurant / Hospitality Services
  • Medical Services
  • Transportation Services
  • And many others

Company Resources and Risks

A telephone market survey program for any company is an investment of resources and entails risks. To minimize your company´s investment and risk, Nexus Teleservices takes a consultative approach in the telephone survey program and management. Our program staff reviews with your company throughout each step of the program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments. We offer your company low minimums, flexible pilot programs and customized pricing methods to allow you for focus on your core business.

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