Recruitment and Selection

Nexus Teleservices understands that people conduct business with people that they like, respect and trust. The hiring of people with the right set of interpersonal skills, technical knowledge, personality and alignment with your company´s brand make all the difference in the quality of results you expect from your call-center partner. That is why we have a team of proven professionals who are responsible for the process we use to recruit, test and hire service representatives to ensure that the personnel working on your account deliver the results that you expect.

We match the best candidates with the right project opportunities, thus we are able to retain high-performing personnel, reduce turnover, and lower costs for our clients. Our pool of talent gives us the flexibility to staff up for new accounts and to expand services for existing accounts with a mix of experienced and newer service representatives.

Recruiting Process

In Managua, Nicaragua, we have a large, diverse, multi-lingual talent pool. Also because of several colleges and universities, our talent pool is educated as well. Because Nexus Teleservices has been involved in the local community for many years, candidates are familiar with us and see us as a desirable employer. For that reason, we have a steady stream of qualified applicants and can quickly adjust staffing to meet the demands of new and existing accounts.

We do not screen potential candidates over the web. We do our screening and interviewing over the telephone and in-person. We believe there are judgments that you can only make in person about how well a candidate will do on the job.

Our objectives are always to:

  • Hire highly qualified personnel
  • Reduce personel turnover
  • Ensure high client satisfaction
  • Retain personnel for the long-term

Selection Process

After we have a clear understanding of your company´s business goals and customer expectations, we begin the process of identifying candidates that will be assigned to your account. This can be from internal service personnel or new hires. For new hires, we screen them by telephone (essentially a preliminary interview), then conduct in-person interviews and tests involving the skills your project will require. Do they have the necessary communications skills, sales skills, technical knowledge, call-center personality and call-center experience?

Nexus Teleservices performs background checks and often does customized testing to ensure a potential candidate meets your company´s specific requirements. We use our internal testing process to refine the list of candidates, resulting with only those who are a good fit for you and your customers.

Hiring is a team process, where we evaluate candidate test results and interview impressions and solicit feedback from our operations staff. We are very selective. We hire less than 15% of job applicants.

Our hiring process is compliant with applicable employment and labor laws and other regulations.

Finally your company is always invited to interview and approve the service personnel assigned to your account.

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