Nexus Teleservices has extensive software development and integration experience that provides our clients great flexibility in the scope of their outsourcing relationship with us. Our internal software systems that our management and service personnel use can be extended to our clients´ staff to allow working as a virtual remote work group. This facilitates close communication and transparency between Nexus Teleservices and our clients. We offer the option of customized integration of our software systems to fit your company´s internal system requirements including real-time data delivery. We understand that each of our clients may have different processes and data requirements that entail customizing our software systems. Our experience allows us to implement and deliver results rapidly.

We work with your company to develop a customized integration solution with exports, data formats, reports, interfaces and more. Our goal is to provide a solution that allows you to follow your established processes with minimum modifications. We adapt our system standards to meet your company needs resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity by your personnel.

Nexus Teleservices offers a variety of connection solutions. These range from a simple flat file downloaded to an FTP site, to XML web services, to total system integration where we integrate a client´s application into our call center. We also offer a wide range of reporting flexibility for our clients' projects.

Technical Collaboration

We are constantly challenged to improve our internal systems by the varied demands of our clients. This creates a mindset of constant learning and improvement. We collaborate with our clients´ technical staffs with the clear understanding that the technical solution should be driven by business needs and customer satisfaction. Our technology staff understands that the end product solution is always the achievement of business goals. We have found that the technical collaboration with our clients often results in business benefits not initially anticipated by either party.

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Outbound Services

  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Up Sell/Cross Sales
  • Product Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Database Generation

Inbound Services

  • Consumer Response
  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Location
  • Direct TV Response
  • Website Response
  • Sales Leads
  • Order Processing
  • Toll-Free Response