Who We Are

Nexus Teleservices is dedicated to making nearshore services work for our customers. We provide a wide range of both inbound and outbound call-center outsourcing services to companies of various sizes in the Americas. Our knowledge of nearshore development, project management experiences, processes, methodology and personnel ensures an nearshore strategy that is successful for our clients.

Why Nexus Teleservices

In today's tough economic environment, companies are searching for ways to reduce the costs, while maintaining quality and support efficiency. Transferring portions of service delivery to a nearshore country like Nicaragua with its cost-effective bilingual personnel is an attractive option.

Our Personnel

Our service delivery is driven by the quality our personnel, both management and service agents. Management has more than 35 years experience in outsourcing and services. Our service agents are fully bilingual, with the majority having previously lived in the US. We know and speak your culture.

Our Beliefs

  • Service Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Lead By Example
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility

Management Philosophy

  • Understand the Customer
  • Dedicate Required Resources
  • Manage Transitions Smoothly
  • Adjust to Change
  • Always Strive To Improve
  • Customer Is The Bottom Line

Let's Communicate

(888) 339-6699

Service Center

  • Located in Managua, Nicaragua, 2.5 Hours from US by Air
  • Centrally Located to Public Transportation & Universities
  • Security 7x24, Power Backup
  • Redundant Internet Fiber Optics
  • Workstations 50-> 100