May 30

Listen-Live To Our Reps

Ever wonder about the personnel assigned to your account/project when you decide to outsource to a third party call-center? Well, so have we. Ever wonder how your reps and your clients interact? Well, so have we.

While we are an outsourcing company (call-center), we also outsource services to third-party providers. Things like telecom services, facility mantenance, cafeteria, etc. Knowing how our internal company works, we also would like to know whether our outsourcing providers work the way we expect them too.

To help perspective and existing clients to understand how our staff deals with their products and services, we have introduced the Listen-Live service. Basically, if you have a telephone, you can listen live, unfiltered to the Nexus Teleservices personnel and their interactions with your customers. What will you learn? Probably a lot more than what you might expect. Are the staff presenting your product/services in a consistent, professional manner? Is the staff capturing the customer information as expected? How well is your “marketing message” being received from the field? What about all those sales objections you didn´t think about? More training required? A 10 minute real-world session will likely open your eyes.

What´s in it for us? Well, we believe in the quality of our personnel. We want to showcase our staff, since at the end of the day that´s our most important service. (The technology, training and management are all important but secondary to the human touch.) With apologies to Field of Dreams, “If they listen they will come… ”

It takes just a minute to signup for a no obligation Listen-Live Session.