May 26

Sex, Lies & Telemarketing

We are in an age of increasing distrust of politicians, communication medias, our neighbors and what we believe in as a society. We have the head of the IMF and the former governor of California in various level of public disgrace. We still haven´t seen photos of Usama Bin Laden´s end of days. Are we really sure that the Prez of the US was born there? Is there any person or group that the average Joe can believe in? Probably not too many.

So what does this have to do with anything related to telemarketing? There is an old adage about “Don´t confuse marketing with the truth”. So when you get that telemarketing call from that call-center agent, that opening introduction is the make/break moment of credibility. And its only 15 secounds. You only get one chance at credibility.

If you are a call-center manager, you invest lots of resources in training telemarketing agents. They practice the script. Oh, do they practice the script. They practice inflection, change of pace, listening skills, how to handle objections, etc. However, how often to they get training on how to be sincere and believe in what they are communicating? Like religion, if they believe it, they communicate in a much more natural, non-threatening, credible fashion where the receiver (your potential customer) has a greater willingness to listen, then perhaps be persuaded, then perhaps make a decision. Think about it. Would you listen to your telemarketing agents without hanging up?

Remember, credibility like virginity, once gone, gone forever.

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