May 23

Sales Lead Generation

The US economy is in very bad shape.  It is likely to get worse as Fed stimulus programs are schedule to end.  Businesses need to find new customers, retain their current ones and increase their average revenue and profitability, all the while holding or reducing their costs of doing business.  For small to medium size businesses (less than 100 employees), the importance of generating new customer prospects (i.e., filling the sales pipeline) takes on new dimensions together with the conversion process from prospect to customer.

A business has various options for sales lead generation:  Internet Email/Site, direct mail, publicity, telemarketing, social networks, etc.  Whatever the method the sales leads, they are at best sales prospects until they have been qualified or filtered by the business in some fashion.  If the business chooses to do this qualification in-house, it has complete control of the process, with an inherent cost versus outsourcing to a third-party.  Generally there are sufficient cost benefits between inhouse versus outside to outsource as the expense of some lost of control of the process.  This cost benefit of outsourcing is further justified when the inhouse personnel resources are dedicated to sales lead conversion from a smaller, filtered number of leads.

Whether Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C), sales lead generation and qualification requires a balance of internal versus external resources (outsourcing).  As such there is an inverse scale of volume (B2B – low, B2C – high) to sales value (B2B – high, B2C – low).

Call-center telemarketing may be used for initial sales lead generation from a general population of customer propects (cold calling) or for qualification/filtering of preliminary sales lead inquiries (warm calling).  A latter  example would be follow up responses from an Internet site response form.  The result is a filtered subset of qualified sales leads for subsequent processing by the business inhouse staff.  The resultant cost per lead or cost per sales is likely to favor an outsourcing relationship.

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