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Aug 25

Increase Sales – Clean Your Customer Database!

In the course of business activity companies collect a variety of data regarding their existing clients and potential sales prospects. This data has relative value as a means of executing marketing and sales strategies based on the quality of the data, that is, its accuracy and consistency. The cleansing of your company´s client database should be done on a regular basis, analogous to “spring cleaning” to leverage its potential value as a source of future revenue.

The process of cleaning up data in a database is called “data scrubbing” or “data cleansing”. This consists of amending or removing data in the database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted or duplicated. Companies with data-intensive needs such as banking, insurance or retail may use a variety of automated tools to examine the data for errors or inconsistencies, for example duplicates, missing zip codes or email addresses. These tools however do not serve to determine whether the consumer client data has qualitatively changed (address, telephone number, death, interest level in the relationship, etc.) through the normal passage of time.

For a company to ensure that the consumer data is accurate requires that it periodically “touch” its clients using some type of manual process(s). This requires the company to invest time and resources, which is often low in the “to-do-list” of priorities. However this investment will reduce costs and increase profits for your company by improving the productivity of your marketing and sales efforts by focusing on high potential sales prospects.

Data Cleansing Tips

  1. Start At The Beginning – How does the initial client data get into your company database? This normally is by a low wage staff member tasked with the responsibility, a customer service representative in contact with a client or a self-administered online auto registration process. In all instances there is little incentive to ensure the 100% accuracy of the data. Adjust the process to incentivize the quality at the very beginning. For example, establish an explicit understanding that there is a verification process (telemarketing follow-up) in place to verify the client data, which may be selective or 100%.
  2. Bad Data Means Wasted Resources – If the client data is incorrectly entered (inadvertently or explicitly), it will cause problems down the line for your company´s marketing and sales teams. If the client data is entered more than once (remember the age span of a company´s database), this will waste resources, irritate you clients and confuse your sales team. If your company relies on online auto-registrations, it is inherently a process with poor quality since the consumer often intentionally falsifies the data (especially telephone and Email) due to privacy issues and fear of abuse. Bottom line, if your company is going to request consumer information, you need to anticipate investing resources in its clean up.
  3. Let Your Clients Help Themselves – Your company can outsource a portion of the database administration directly to its clients. Provide various means to allow the clients to auto-update their information. You can send an Email “blast” to all accounts with the goal of “re-registering” with updated information. Normally you will need to provide some type of incentive or benefit. As part of this process you can provide a toll-free telephone number to process their update requests directly. What do you do with those clients that don´t respond or those that you receive Email bounce-backs? You many choose to purge them from your client database or alternatively you may choose to do an outbound “reach” telephone call by a customer service representative that may serve for multiple purposes.
  4. Outsource Database Maintenance – Your company can outsource the client database maintenance as an integrated component in its marketing and sales process. Using outbound telemarketing representatives, the client “touch-call” serves a variety of purposes: determine the value of the current relationship, verify the contact data, identify sales opportunities, resolve unvoiced complaints, solicit new potential customers, etc. This outsourcing process essentially becomes a secondary component of the sales lead generation process that all companies need to ensure future sales revenue and growth.
  5. Sales Generation Process – As part of the data cleansing process, this can be translated into distinct steps for sales generation:
  • The initial “client touch” identifies potential sales leads.
  • Follow up contact increases the conversion of sales leads to sales opportunities.
  • Update sales prospects with relevant information to help move them through the purchasing cycle.
  • Eliminate unqualified sales prospects quickly to focus sales resources on the most promising opportunities.
  • Nurture most qualified sales prospects through the purchasing process until the timing is right for closure by the sales team.
  1. Your Company Client Database Is Like Ice – There are very few companies that do not have competition. Hence your competition is constantly looking for your clients which reside in your database   Your company database, like ice, loses value each day if it is not properly maintained and well used. As your client database is continuously “touched,” your company becomes “top of mind” (rather than your competition) when your clients need your products and services.   Client data maintenance evolves to be ongoing sales lead nurturing and future business development. Rather than a cost, it becomes a profit center.


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Jun 21

Tired of Your Work? Try Putting Up a Small Business!

Are you currently one of those individuals who really feel continuously burned out with work? It’s like there isn’t any a lot more progress or fulfillment in what you’re performing. Frequently, you just appear like a robot programmed to do the function routine over and over again If this is what it’s been like for really some time, why don’t you contemplate a brand new job or an entirely unique career path? Or far better yet, put up your own business, where you will be your own boss and at the exact same time, you’ll oversee every thing that the business entails.
Putting up a business even a tiny one like a popcorn or snow cone stand might be a significant challenge. There are a lot of factors that you simply have to consider and look at. But in spite of the heavy work, you will find it to be very satisfying not only financially but also when it comes to personal fulfillment. It’s a key achievement which you would surely be proud of. So what do you will need to put up a little but profitable business? Here are a number of the first steps.

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Jun 21

Bankruptcy Is No Longer A Taboo Subject

Bankruptcy is not necessarily a negative thing. There are countless reasons why people need to acquire financial protection from creditors. Businesses and individuals are both able to file when needed. In the recent past, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 was considered a very bad thing. While it is still not a great thing according to banks, the general public has come to realize current economics is not what it use to be.
This topic once was taboo. Announcing to business acquaintances and other social circles that this is the plan of action once brought about a shift in relationships. This is not so much the case as more and more people are finding it difficult to stay on top of bills and other living expenses. Medical costs, job loss, gasoline, and tuition fees are sky-rocketing while wages remain the same. It is understandable how even the most responsible individuals find themselves facing a losing battle.

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Jun 12

Outsourcing Is Beneficial For Enterprises When They Doing Online Business

We know that currently some enterprises might be just starting out. However, it is really worth seeking the use of outsourcing. In addition, outsourcing should be something worth to be considered in enterprises’daily Internet marketing business. Enterprises might ask themselves some questions such as: Is it suitable for our company? Can we afford it? Should we try it? Is it too early in our Internet marketing business? Let us explore that why some enterprises have used outsourcing for many years and why some other enterprises that haven’t used outsourcing should consider it now.
Why enterprises should consider use outsourcing now? Initially, in order to reduce manufacturing costs, enterprises began to use outsourcing. They would outsource their business to overseas countries where with low commodity price and labor costs. Definitely, they could earn more profit by paying low production and labor costs. This outsourcing method is still very popular. Country like China has witnessed one of the largest outsourcing business receivers. It has undertaken huge outsourcing businesses from Western countries and with a lot of experience. Therefore, if enterprises have demand in outsourcing your businesses, China will be your good choice. Let’s go back to talking about the key advantages of outsourcing.

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May 20

Nexus Teleservices

Nexus Teleservices is an offshore (English/Spanish) call-center outsourcing, telemarketing, sales lead generation and customer services provider.